How to buy property in Bali as foreigner

As we start our project from the Island of Bali in Indonesia, we will here talk about the Property titles in Indonesia. And here we will explain you how to buy property in Bali as foreigner.

First of all, if a foreigner is considering buying a property in Bali, the first thing he must know is that Indonesian legislation does not allow foreigner citizen to own a land in Indonesia. However, foreigners have the right to own buildings or other form of acquisition.

The way to buy property in Bali as foreigner

  • A registered condominium.
  • A building distinct from its land.
  • A lease of 25 to 99 years for all types of land or buildings.
  • 100% of the shares of an Indonesian company which can owns land for an 80-year period and which can be resell to another entity or an Indonesian citizen.

A foreigner can Not own

  • Land with full ownership and freehold title.


The most popular ways to buy property in Bali as foreigner

               Long-term Leaseholds

These leaseholds are registered, secured and relatively simple. Also this long-term lease can be structured to be equivalent of the full ownership. Typically, the land is leased for a period of 25 years, renewable up to a total of 99 years. Ownership of the land is assured by the fact that you are the legal owner of the buildings that occupy the land during all the term of the leasehold contract. Therefore, the lessor can not take possession of the property upon termination of the lease.

               PT PMA Company

If you are not comfortable with the 25-year lease method, the alternative is to set up an Indonesian company that you control 100%, and who can legally buy land. In other words, as a foreigner you are allowed to own 100% of the shares of an Indonesian company. The land will be owned by the company. However, as general manager of the company, you control the voting power of other shares, and therefore you have control over the ownership of the land.

              Indonesian women married with foreigners

Any Indonesian woman who married a foreigner loses the right to own a land in Indonesia. However, she still owns the land and she owned it before marrying with the foreigner. Generally the foreigner’s spouse signs a declaration stating that the funds were from the Indonesian wife before marriage. Most mixed couples marry under a regime of separation of the capital in order to be able to access to the property thereafter. The property security scheme guarantees the government that the foreign national really has no financial or other control over his or her spouse’s land.

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