Why invest in Bali property?

Why invest in Bali real estate?

As we start our project Cliff-Front.com from the Island of Bali in Indonesia, we will here talk about the Property Investment in Indonesia. And we will here explain why this is an opportunity to invest in Bali property.

Several reasons make the island of Bali an attractive place for a main home, a second home or a vacation rental. Now let’s understand why people want to invest in Bali property in the island of the Gods.

Why foreigners invest in Bali?

Bali Beachfront Real Estate Investment

Bali Prime Location

First of all, Bali is a prime tourist destination with incredible natural beauty and an unusual culture. And this is the first interest.

Invest in Bali Cliff-Font Real Estate

Top Destination

Beside that, Bali is still and always an exceptional destination at world level for these idyllic beaches, spectacular diving spots, luxury hotels, spas, gorgeous golf courses, a panel of exceptional restaurants, vibrant nightlife and a wide choice of shops. And tourist come for a first trip and come back again. This is the charm of Bali.

Invest in Bali Beach Real Estate

Dynamic Market

Also, Bali is one of the most dynamic real estate markets in the world, with a growing number of high-quality projects by international or national renowned real estate developers. This is why investors are here and the potential is important.


Moreover Bali is the most tourist destination of Indonesia. And the Indonesian government in Jakarta has well understood it by actively investing in its infrastructure. Road are getting better and better every years.

Another point is the living in Bali is very affordable compared to many tourist destinations. Also the sun is there throughout the year. Again this is also very important for the investors.

Bali’s economic growth is stable and keeps growing. And this situation is offering numerous of opportunities in terms of development and investment.

The rental returns on condotels and villas is high because more and more tourists choose to visit this magnificent island each year.

Finally, the infrastructure and government services are in perpetual evolution. International hospitals and schools are developing there with a growing rhythm in the south of the island.

In conclusion the Balinese have lived with tourism for a long time. And they are now able to adapt the offer to the demands of these tourists in research of relaxation.


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