Land and measure units for real estate in Bali Indonesia

As we start our project from the Island of Bali in Indonesia, we will here talk about the land and measure units in Indonesia.

Land and measure units for real estate in Bali Indonesia

Indonesia uses the international system of units of measurement.
The units of measurement that you will most often encounter are m2, are and hectare.

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Metric system

The are (symbol a) is a unit of measure of area outside the metric system. It was fixed on April 7, 1795 as the Republican measure of area for the land.

The centiare (ca symbol) is a subdivision of the are: 1 a = 100 ca. This area unit is used almost exclusively in notarial acts.

The hectare (ha symbol) is a multiple commonly used to indicate the area of ​​large land and landed property: 1 ha = 100 a.

In detail

Surface measurements


HectareUnit of agrarian measure of area Equivalent to one hundred ares or ten thousand square meters 1 ha1 ha
AreAre is an Agrarian Measurement Unit Worth 100 square meters1 a
1 ha = 100 a 1 ha = 10.000 ca 1 ha = 10.000 m21 a = 100 ca 1 a = 100 m21 ca = 0,01 a 1 ca = 1 m2
The International System based on the square meter (square of one meter of side)
1 kilometer square= 100 hectares1 km2 = 1.000.000 m2
1 hectometersquare= 1 hectare1 ha = 10.000 m2
1 decameter square= 1 are1 a = 100 m2
1 meter square= 1 ca1 ca = 1 m2

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