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You can now reference your property for free on our website by completing our form, here is the link: Sell your property with us. You can also contact us so one of our agents will visit your real estate that you want to sell and publish it on our network. Contact us today to list your property for sale.

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How do we organize the listing of your property?

Our services:

  • Taking information and photos of the property.
  • Valuation of the sale price.
  • Development of a sign for sale.
  • Evaluation of the contract.
  • Writing an attractive ad.
  • Place your property online on our website.
  • Visibility on our network.
  • Follow-up on inquiries.
  • Organization of visits with potential buyers.
  • Continuous advice to the buyer or tenant on the purchase of property in Indonesia.
  • Facilitate negotiations between buyer and seller.
  • Recommendation and accompanying the buyer to the notary.
  • Assist for the opening of a bank account.
  • After-sales follow-up.

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