Valuation of your property price in the present market

In this part, we will give you the maximum information to make a strategic valuation of your property price according to different important parameters.

Description and definition of the evaluation


Our approach is to validate several important points:

– First, the titles of property

– Next, the state

– Also, age of the building

– Moreover the condition of ownership

– In addition the main selling characteristics

– And finally compare your property with equivalent properties in the same area.

We take into the evaluation different factors influencing the market, the environment and possible negative aspects in order to obtain a price reflecting your real estate.

Privacy Policy:

Confidentiality of information is an integral part of our business. We take steps to ensure the confidentiality of our customers. In the event of a conflict of interest, we will notify both parties directly.

Our evaluation service is only available by appointment

Definition of valuation:

The valuation of a property is a process of estimating the fairest price that corresponds to a property under specific market conditions on the valuation date ...”

“The value of a real estate property is the present value of all future benefits expected from the use of possession of that same property.”

The ability to provide a tariff assessment service is based on a combination of 2 parameters: professionalism and analysis of the current marketplace of our agents in a given market.

Houses or other goods are valued based on the previous sales record in the same sector for a similar good.

We will take into account for our evaluation for a villa :

– First the area,

– Next the number of rooms,

– Also the the number of bathrooms,

– In addition the space of the garage

– Moreover the size of the swimming pool and its public or private access,

– etc …

A fair sale price is by definition: The tariff that a knowledgeable buyer would pay to a knowledgeable seller. It includes that the seller would accept for a property that has been on the market for a reasonable time. Also it is taking into account that neither the buyer nor the seller signs under any pressure. When the parties validate the sale, the tariff become the fair market value for any other similar properties in the same area at a certain moment. The objective is being to evaluate a property in a space given at a given moment with precise and unique specifications.

Methods of evaluation:

In conclusion the market approach involves a specific comparison of a property with the characteristics of similar products that have been recently sold in the same sector. Finally, return on investment is an analysis of the value of a property based on its ability to generate income for its owner.